Are you looking for a wild adventure on horseback?

To explore a Vitosha mountain on horseback is a great experience. 

We work all year round, every day from 10:00 to 18:00

If you are an experienced rider you will be able to ride after a guide from the equestrian base

If you have no experience with horses, we will provide you with a man to guide your horse. This way you can enjoy the walk without any worries.  And despite the lack of experience, the entertainment will be completely safe.

Nothing can replace the pleasure of riding on the mountain with beautiful views, fresh air. The quiet walk of the horse, or wild canter through green meadows and clear streams, discovering the secrets of the ancient forest. Savor your unforgettable horse riding trip and make your dreams will come true!

We can offer you trips of different lengths and destinations.

  • 1 hour    - 70.00 lv
  • 2 hours - 120.00 lv
  • 3 hours - 180.00 lv
  • 4 hours - 240.00 lv

Depending on the duration of the transition, you can reach different locations

For beginner Riders We recommend the trip of 2 hours. It is attended by a waterfall and a rock with a very beautiful view